Update Patch Version 1.9

In the latest patch Planetarium 2 - Zen Odyssey brings you 5 new simulations scenes to enjoy with more coming soon in future updates!

New rocket scene. Blast off with the Titan IV, Delta IV and the Delta II.

View the landing of the Falcon 9 Booster!

New Saturn V launch scene. Experience the launch of Saturn V from the Launch Complex 39.

New Falcon Heavy launch scene. Experience the launch of Falcon Heavy.

Experience the Space Shuttle Flight Deck in first-person!

I hope to improve Planetarium 2 Zen Odyssey with your feedback in mind. I will be rolling out itch.io updates less frequently and will focus on where the main audience are at on Steam, iOS, and Google Play.  

Thank you. 


Planetarium 2 Setup v1.9.zip 739 MB
Apr 05, 2018
WebGLBuild.zip 89 MB
Apr 05, 2018

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