Update Patch Version 1.6

In the latest patch Planetarium 2 - Zen Odyssey brings you 5 new simulations scenes to enjoy with more coming soon in future updates!

View the Exosolar System Gliese 876 and its orbiting exoplanets. Gliese 876 is a red dwarf approximately 15 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Aquarius.

View the 51 Pegasi, also named Helvetios, is a Sun-like star located 50.9 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Pegasus. 

Beautiful new scene showing pulsar stars!

Pilot the Apollo Lunar Module with new detailed cockpit view!

New probe scene added. MESSENGER was a NASA robotic spacecraft that orbited the planet Mercury between 2011 and 2015.

I hope to improve Planetarium 2 Zen Odyssey with your feedback in mind.

Hope you enjoy this update with more coming soon!

Thank you very much for all your support!


Planetarium 2 v1.6 Setup.zip 614 MB
Feb 15, 2018

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